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How Important Are Rear Surround Speakers

How important are rear surround speakers

Even the most advanced AV Receiver won’t do any good if one doesn’t have a proper speaker setup. Unfortunately, way too often, I saw people who bought high-end receivers but didn’t pay much attention to speaker setups. In this article, I want to answer how vital rear surround speakers are and why one should pay attention to speaker setups at all.

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How to Connect TV to Receiver Without HDMI?

How to connect TV to receiver without HDMI

In most cases, HDMI is the finest option to connect a TV and a receiver. However, what if you have an old receiver without HDMI inputs but still want to put it to good use? What can be done in this case? Today’s article will help you find the optimal option to connect your TV to a receiver without HDMI without a headache.

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