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How to Connect TV to Receiver Without HDMI?

In most cases, HDMI is the finest option to connect a TV and a receiver. However, what if you have an old receiver without HDMI inputs but still want to put it to good use? What can be done in this case? Today’s article will help you find the optimal option to connect your TV to a receiver without HDMI without a headache.

Luckily, your old receiver is not doomed to have a trip to a junkyard, as there are specific ways you can still connect it to a TV. In addition, receivers are very tech-advanced pieces of equipment of their time. Therefore, even the older ones have a bunch of various connectors and inputs.

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types of connections

Using RCA cables

As you may know, RCA cables come in various forms. For example, some of them also have a video channel. Some have three different cables for working with video. This all results in the fact that RCA cables may be a good option to hook your receiver to a TV.

A basic RCA cable comes with two connectors. Most frequently, those are red and white, but sometimes one may encounter yellow and black. This dual RCA cable is only capable of transmitting audio. Thus, we can use it for connecting a TV. Just match the jacks and cables by color, and it will do. Simple RCA wires are sold for as cheap as $10 almost anywhere, offering tech goods.

Using composite video cables

This was the most popular option before HDMI cables hit the market. Composite video cables can be used for conducting audio and video signals from one device to another. It comes in standard red, white, and yellow-colored wires. The yellow one is responsible for transmitting video.

The connection process is as simple as possible, and you won’t have problems finding a composite video cable in your local store.

Using component video cables

Yes, transmitting audio and video via this cable takes 5 connectors. The number of utilized wires is mainly the only difference from the previous one. So, you can also use it if your receiver supports this technology.

Using an HDMI converter

Are you still searching for ways how to hook up a receiver to a TV? Then let’s continue, and I’ll offer you one more way. An HDMI converter can be an excellent option for you. It allows the conversion of the RCA signal to HDMI. The carefully picked converter will efficiently convert digital HDMI signals into analog. Yet, it takes sufficient cables to do so. Such converters are a little more expensive than previous cables but still affordable.

Connecting a TV to an AV receiver

connecting a TV to an AV receiver

Let’s look at the steps you need to take to connect a receiver to a TV.

  1. Turn on the TV and your receiver.
  2. Insert cables and converter.
  3. Ensure putting the right wires into the right ports in case of the RCA. The easiest way is to match colors.

  4. Set up your TV to use external speakers as default.
  5. This solely depends on your TV. Start searching for this option in the sound section of the TV’s settings. It shouldn’t be that hard.

  6. Run tests
  7. This is it. Now the time has come to try your setup. If you hear the sound from speakers connected to the receiver—you are all done. If not, start from step one.

Final words

Don’t get disappointed if you can’t find an HDMI connector on your receiver. Even the older models still offer multiple options to connect it with your new TV, delivering high-quality audio. So choose one of my suggested ways and use it!

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